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What is a "barrier to entry" and will it help or hurt me?
A barrier to entry is a term used in business to describe the competitive landscape and to help companies formulate strategies.  The term describes the investment cost (either money or time or know-how) that must be made to successfully enter a new market or which prevents other competitors from entering that market.

In our own lives, one personal "barrier to entry" preventing us from making tons of money or pursuing profitable business opportunities such as John Beck's proven Amazing Profits Tax Lien and Tax Deed system is fear of the unknown and our unwillingness to engage in consistent, daily effort to implement this successful program.

John Beck's Tax Lien and Tax Deed system is a step-by-step program designed to make it easy to know exactly what to do to make money.  In essence, John's proven system is a money machine and all you have to do is turn the crank to see your profits soar.  But will you take advantage and turn the crank?

John Beck's Amazing Profits Tax Deed and Tax Lien system outlines a complete end-to-end and step-by-step process for finding the next deal of the century in the tax deed and tax lien arena.  However, will knowledge alone be enough to make amazing profits in this business? 

If a person learns something, does it mean the person will apply what was learned?  Look at your own life.  I'm sure you have been taught not to drive your car faster than the posted speed limit because it is against the law and also because it is unsafe.  So, do you speed?  Are you applying the knowledge you have of this particular law?

Why is it so hard to do exactly what we know we should do?  It is because there is a difference between knowledge and doing.  This difference creates a gap or a barrier-to-entry preventing most people from claiming the success they would otherwise be able to claim.   Your success with John Beck's amazing profits tax business is directly related to your willingness to do what you are taught.

The last time we checked, here in America success or failure is not determined by birth status, financial backing or some other quirk of fate.  It is solely determined by the individuals internal motivation to make something better for themselves.  And there is no upper limit for what you can earn.

John Beck uses the system he teaches to his students.  In fact, he is constantly updating and improving his materials to keep up with changing market conditions and to more accurately reflect what he is actually doing day after day.

John Beck has now advanced to the point that he teaches you exactly what you need to do-exactly what he currently does-to make money in the tax lien and tax deed real estate market.  He has always done this but has seen only a small fraction of people actually implement his system successfully-because most people are just too unwilling to take action today.  Don't be one of these people who scam themselves from the freedom owning a profitable business or ripoff their financial future by doing nothing today. 

Success will not be handed to you.  Money will not just be handed to you.  But the tools you need to make money and the freedom you have to make that money are given to you.  You can make it happen if you decide, really decide, it is something you want.  Go make it happen.

Once you have pushed through the initial resistance we all have when trying something new and have become successful at buying profitable deals, the barrier to entry preventing others from entering this market will actually help you by keeping competition thin.

So "barrier to entry" is both a positive and a negative.  It is something we all have to overcome when starting something new and different and outside of our comfort zone but it also protects us from too much competition when we have become expert at and profiting from John Beck's Amazing Profits Tax Lien and Tax Deed tax auction system of buying properties at low prices and selling them for a real profit.

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