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My Property Vault Login Doesn't Work, What Do I do?
John Beck's Property Vault is a one stop shop for finding incredible deals on properties being sold at tax auctions in counties from around the country.  This tool makes it easy to locate a county of interest and sort through all the properties available for tax sale. 

John Beck, an active investor buying properties at tax sale auctions, knows how hard it is to sort through the hundreds of properties a given county might have for sale at their auction.  Most counties offer their lists either as a mailed hardcopy or as a downloadable PDF file which is just like a computerized piece of paper-it can't be sorted.

The biggest benefit to the Property Vault is that it takes all these hard-to-work with formats from each county and puts them all into an Excel file which makes it so easy for you to sort through the properties to find those that best match your personal investing criteria.  Each of these county lists in whatever format the county produces them, is made to look exactly like every other list so the downloads you get from John Beck's Property Vault all look exactly alike and are all able to be handled in the same, easy way.

Because this tool is so valuable and makes it so easy to find properties for incredible prices from tax sales held around the country, you will want to access this site regularly.  As part of your subscription, you are given over 23 lists to choose from every month FREE!  That's right, for just the price of your subscription, you gain access to thousands of dollars of tax sales information free and these lists reset every month.  This means you can download over 276 lists over the course of a year without paying an extra dime!

The research possibilities are endless because this tool makes it easy to find these lists from the various states, the Property Vault makes it easy to sort through these lists using your own, custom criteria and then the property vault makes it easy for you to profit from the upcoming auctions you are interested in.  So don't wait-log onto the Property Vault today by going to: .

Most of John's students have no problem accessing the Property Vault-but just like all technology, there are occasionally glitches in the process.  If you attempt the access the Property Vault and find that your code is one of the few that does not work, please don't give up.  With your subscription to John Beck's Amazing Profits Tax Lien and Tax Deed program, you also have access to John Beck's Hotline-a staff of live, helpful people who can make sure you can connect to the Property Vault and access this powerful tool. 


Phone:        1-888-733-7615
Email: .

When beginning something new, it is natural to feel a little intimidated and to question your ability to be successful.  You can be successful.  You can make your dreams come through.  All it takes is consistently doing a little bit each day and you will find your future holds amazing profits! 

John Beck wants you to succeed.  His program has been designed to make it easy to profit from the business of buying tax liens and tax deeds at tax auctions from around the country.  The biggest scam and ripoff that could hurt you right now is to close yourself off from opportunity because one thing didn't quite go right.  Don't let yourself stop at the first failure-find another way to get it done so you continue walking your pathway to profits. 

Use the Property Vault and John Beck's Advisory Hotline service to help you reach your financial goals.

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