John Beck Successstories
"This Could Be You! "

John Beck Success Stories
"In the last 20 months,
I've made over
a million dollars!"
-Mark A.

John Beck is a success
"This is the only way
you can buy property
for pennies on
the dollar!"
-Tammi A.

John Beck is not a rip off
"With just two
deals, I've profited
over $17,000!"
-Robert J .

After my third session with coach Jim Heninger, I made plans to attend my first Tax Deed Sale in Volusia County, Florida "about 300 miles from where I live".  I was the high bidder on two lots.  I placed one lot, which I paid $5,757.00 up for sale on Ebay which sold yesterday for $7,199.00. And have someone else interested in the second lot who owns land right next to these.  I stand to make much more on these lots which cost $6,400.00 and have this prospective buyer willing to pay $19,500.00!

Thanks John Beck and staff!

Paul Koch

"$8,096 in 10 Days!"

I thought I'd email you because of the great success I had with my first property I sold. As you know when we were having our coaching sessions I purchased a property from the county tax sale for 6100.00 dollars. I went ahead and listed it on-line as we had discussed in our sessions and sold it for 14,196.00 in ten days! All the information you taught me worked just like it was meant to. Thanks to you and the John Beck program, I look forward to many more profitable sales. Thanks a million!

  Dean M. (California)

My first deal $22,500.00 within 3 weeks and I have a projected net on my second deal of $75,000.00.

Phil C (Pennsylvania)

Made over $5,000.00 profit in the last few weeks.

Jack K. (California)

"Others don't compare!"

"Before the John Beck program, I attended 2 workshops conducted by other companies and was overwhelmed by too much information being thrown my way too soon.  I couldn't make heads or tails of it and was at a loss.  It was a relief to have found the John Beck Program because I finally felt confident that I can learn the mechanics of Real Estate investing thru the help and guidance of John Beck's professional Team.  They were so organized, full of encouragement, and methodical in explaining the mechanics of the program." 

"The most amazing thing for me is to discover that there are many, many ways to make money in Real Estate; and I am just touching the tip of the iceberg by purchasing tax lien certificates.  One of the many things that amazes me is the fact that there's a multitude of resources available out there for an investor to put to use.  You have to know the people who know!"

"I have to commend my mentor and have to mention that she has been a tremendous help in this, my learning stage.  I was kind of "wanting to" but "not really committed yet" when I signed up with the program, but my mentor made me feel at ease and comfortable, always reminding me that I could contact her and ask her questions; that she will be available whenever I need help.  She introduced me to the whole wide world of real estate investing.  I felt like I've had blinders all my adult life, and am surprised at the things I didn't know!  Through the sessions with Elicia, I now realize that there truly are ways to accumulate wealth in real estate investing!  Let me take this opportunity to thank Elicia so much."

Carmela R. (Arizona)

"Turned $200 into $400,000!"

Using John's system, I started with $200.00 and have made over $400,000.!

Ian M. (Texas)

John beck is not a scam
"We've completed 2 deals and already put $27,000 in our bank account!"
-Carrie J.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance regarding John Beck's Amazing Profit's tax sale course. Since I started the course in 11/05, I bought 9 parcels in a gated community with a golf course for only $90.00 and a $43.00 recording fee. Total cost was just $133.00. I sold my first property on 1/12/06 online for $1,425.00 and just sold the second property on 1/26/06 for $1,700.00. I will be able to pay myself back the price of this most valuable course before I even finish it. My coach really helped me learn so many ways to make real money from using my computer. In the example above, I didn't have to travel to another state to buy property; I did it using the internet, phone and fax!!!  Again I just wanted to thank you and let everybody know that this can be easily done."

Steve D.

I made $30,000.00 in 4 months. Paid cash for a new home in AZ!

Mary S (Arizona)

Made over $69,000.00 profit in 6 months.....made $27,000.00 in just one deal!

Wesley B. (Wyoming)

" 1 st deal $30,000 profit!"

"Before taking the John Beck course, we didn't know anything about tax sales or real estate in general.  This course was certainly an eye opener to the possibilities out there. We have a long way to go, but with some study and hard work we feel that we are on our way to achieving our goals. On our first outing, we were able to buy 13 properties, 1/3 acre lots, for just $10.00 each. We expect to sell them for in excess of $30,000.00. We realize that it doesn't always go this easy but for a couple of skeptics this was the proof. We're looking for more tax sales in our area now."

"The clear and concise step by step text and the personal one on one mentoring were just great. It was broken up into bites that were easy to digest. Our future looks much brighter now."

"Our mentor was an invaluable resource to us.  Without his patient guidance, we would never have been able to do this on our own. He showed us how to do everything in an easily understandable way, and always was ready to go the extra mile to get us where we needed to be."

Denny & Aaron H.

Made $53,000.00 + with 4 properties and still have rental income from 2 properties.

Steven R. (Texas)

"No more 9-5 for me!"

I used John Beck's system to replace my corporate income. I've purchased properties for as little as $200-$300 and resold for thousands more.

Tammy A (California)

"$180,000 to $225,000 Free & Clear!"

I just wanted to let you know that 15-16 of my bids won in Arkansas.  Average purchase price on each parcel is $1,250 and average retail is around $13-15,000!  I have spoken with a couple real estate agents about the neighborhood, and it's got a PGA Sanctioned golf course and is situated on the side of a nice lake near Hot Springs Arkansas. 

It is largely oriented toward the retiree crowd.  Not a bad purchase - $19,200 for roughly $180-$225k in properties. The 60 day redemption period is up on May 2, but I doubt they'll be redeemed.  Plus I get a limited warranty deed with the properties, not a QC deed, and no outstanding liens either. It is completely free and clear!

 Drew G.

"Over $50,000 per month!"

Made over $500,000.00 in 2004! In the last 20 months we have made over $1,000,000.00!

Mark & Charlotte A (Washington)

I make $65,000.00 - $75,000.00 a year in rental income. Many of the houses were bought at delinquent property tax auctions.

Ronald S. (California)

We finally just bought our first piece of property for $27,000. We bought it at a tax sale auction.  We also got a bid on it already and we got an offer on it.  We went through our investigations, we went down to city hall, we checked out everything on it, we took pictures of the house, and then we turned around and we went to the auction.  And we actually made it. Actually I thought it was by luck that we got the house, but we did get the house for $27,000 with an opening bid of $26,500.  I now have an offer on the house already for $70,000, and I'm hoping to close on it within the next 4 weeks.   I'm glad I got the house, I'm just hoping I can close on it as soon as I can so I can get my money back.  I'm done.

Thomas T. (Florida)

"$290,000 profit!"

I bought 4 properties at my local county tax sale. I paid $2,000 for a property that's worth $65,000-$70,000; $5,200 for a $30,000 property; $15,500 for one that's worth $135,000 to $145,000; and $11,000 for a property that's worth about $85,000. So that' somewhere around a $290,000 profit.

Richard P (Indiana)

"8 hours $1,500 profit!"

I started with the John Beck program in the end of January; it's now the end of March and I am finishing my coaching right now.  My coach has been wonderful: he has helped me through every single step and any question I've had.  He gave me step by step instructions on how to research properties, and how to find properties.  I bought my first property approximately four weeks after I started the program and I just sold it.  I made a profit of $1,550.  In the total time it took me, the longest time actually took me to write the ad for my property for auction.  That took me approximately two hours, but I had to do it twice.  Nate had pointed out all the problems I had with the first time and why it sold so much better the second time, why I got a profit from it the second time, and he was really great about that.  So, the total time of selling the property was about five hours.  To research and buy the property was approximately, I don't know, maybe three hours.  So, in eight hours I was able to make over $1,500.

Amy O. (Pennsylvania)

With John's system, I have purchased two deals; one home for $14,000.00, now appraised at $46,000.00 and a second deal, $17,000.00 now appraised for $79,000.00.

Fabien P (New Brunswick)

"Financial freedom!"

Since starting John Beck's course, I am been averaging between $10,000 and $15,000.00 per month. My highest month so far hasd been about $30,000.00. About 80% is profit. I expect to have grossed over $100,000.00 and I have only been doing this for 7 months. Before I started, I was in severe debt and now I'm on my way to financial freedom. I'd definitely say mine is a success story. Thanks a lot.

Gary J. (Conneticut)

"4 weeks and $40,000!"

I just came out of an auction a few minutes ago where I picked up a property for $9,000, and the property value is worth well over $50,000.  And you know I've been moving along with this program and I've been able to pick up a few properties over the past couple of weeks in Florida and New Mexico. I'll be able to sell these properties online using the techniques shown to me by my mentor.

Cheston B. (Pennsylvania)

My coach got me started on this program: he was very easy to work with.  He was thorough, he helped me learn how to research properties and buy properties online at the lowest price I could, and he showed me how to turn those properties around and sell them for probably a  $300-$ 500 dollar profit online with not a lot of work.  It's a very easy program. I was surprised how simple it was and how simple it was to make money doing this.  I'm surprised that I haven't done it sooner, it was that simple.

Steve S. (Wisconsin)

I began studying this and we began with our 1st investment 9 weeks ago to date.  We purchased four properties and our net worth now is at $97,000 dollars.

Loxey P. (California)

My coach was excellent, very informative, great personality, really a pleasure to work with.  He told me about bidding forproperties and how to complete due diligence to make sure that I know what I'm buying and know what I'm getting into.  I just followed his instructions and I found a property.  I bought it about 3 weeks ago, I got the deed about a week ago, and I put it for sale a few days ago.  When I'm done creating a deed, and I pay my little dues to the website where I sold it on, I should make between a $925-$1,000 profit.

Samuel C. (Idaho)

Well we've purchased a house on a delinquent tax sale here in Lander County, 5 developed acres and the minimum bid on this tax sale, which was on-line, was like $2,500 on taxes owed. The bid went all the way up to $10,300 for the 5 acres.  It's fully developed with water, sewer, power, and phone on it.  And we are right now just cleaning it up, putting some gates on it, and a circle drive. Soon we will be putting it on the market for about $35,000. 

David C. (Nevada)

"My coach is helping me
to double my money !"

Three months ago I bought three houses with the teachings from my coach.  Based on his coaching on how to accrue property, I bought three houses for about $3,500 dollars.  And within three months each house is worth $7,000 dollars. 

Colene F. (Florida)

Well my name is Sonja, and I made my first buy on bid for We bid on two lots that are 35ft by 120ft, in a gated community, next to the second largest lake in the state of Texas, an hour from Houston. The great recreational area has cabins available for property owners, three swimming pools, and different types of amenities for the sub division itself. We bought it for $1,500 and are planning on selling it for about $7,000. A little more (time) and we will consider this our first success

Sonja H. (Texas)

This is like my fourth session and I've bought three properties so far.  This last property that I bought was $1,400 and supposedly from what they are telling me its market value is $40,000.  I am really enjoying the program; I think my coach is great.  I do recommend it to other people because I have learned a lot.  I mean I took a real estate course but I am still pending, I am still pending the state exam.

Isla D. (Florida)

"7 weeks, $9,000 profit!"

I've been working with John Beck's (system) for about 7 weeks now.  I've been able to pick up a property in New York for just under $1,000 and hopefully be reselling it for $10,000 which is the market value on it. It's been a great experience.  Thank you.

Chris N (Quebec Canada)

Houses for "pennies on the dollar!"

We bought our first properties today. And how we did it was with the help of our coach. He helped us learn how to get the county websites on the internet, and find tax auctions. He explained how to locate and investigate tax properties. He explained the right questions to ask the counties, which greatly helped us, and about how they held their auctions to check for any liens on the properties. Today we bought our first two properties. We traveled to three different properties around our county here in New York, and we bought two out of the three. The first property is located within city limits and we bought it for $4,200: The market value is $34,000. I'm sure we'll have to put about $7,000 into the repairs, and then we'll have a little over $11,000 invested in this $34,000 two family property. The second home, or property, is located within a small village in our county here in New York. We bought it for $3,200 and with about $5,000 worth of repairs, it will be put on the market for approximately $25,000. We feel very fortunate that we're able to have the help and the back-up from our coach.  He's a super, super, mentor and I just can't say enough about him.  I'm just excited.

Sue & Kirk S (New York)

"During my learning
I'm earning!"

Hi my name is Steve, I saw one of your advertisements on teltheonlypcdoctor and called the number and got involved with your company.  What they did was they had classes over the telephone for 10 one-half hour sessions. I ended up with a very good coach that made me do homework to research properties, and to find my own properties.  What I was able to do with his teaching techniques was to actually purchase 2 properties from an internet auction website.  One of the properties was worth $5,000 and I purchased it for $1,095.  So that looked like it may be a gain on the point of sale.  Another property that I bought, I purchased for $1,095 as well, and according to the assessors office it is worth $3,000 dollars.  So I plan on, with the help of my coach, selling these 2 properties on the internet.  If all works out correctly as planned, there should be a profit on both properties at the point of sale and it should be a success.  I'm happy with the coaching sessions that I have received and I believe that they have helped me start purchasing and selling properties.  It is a necessary starting point otherwise it would be very difficult to start this on my own without any help.  Anyways thank you very much.

Steve V (Ontario Canada)

Well I'm just very thrilled with my coaching program.  I feel very successful at this point.  I just purchased two properties that have thrilled me beyond words.  One of the properties I purchased was in Nevada and the purchase price was $22,000 dollars for 80 and a half acres.  Research shows that the property has been selling for anywhere between 30 to 60 thousand dollars, so I'm thrilled with that purchase.  Another purchase was in Colorado which is 2 and half acres.   The property is located under Mount Blanco, which is a beautiful area.  So I feel like this is just the beginning for me.  I feel that I would of never of done this without this program.  The coaching that I have received has been absolutely excellent.  He's a wonderful mentor and I am thrilled with his expertise.  So I am just very happy and thrilled.  I think anyone can be successful with this program.  You just have to be willing to do steps and know that you will be successful.   

Martha V. (North Carolina)

"We found a better way of life!"

My husband and I got into John Beck looking for a way to change our financial situation around.  Everyone in our family still works, and working seemed to be the only way to make things happen financially. Both my husband and I decided that we wanted something different. We wanted something better out of life.  We wanted to have time to spend with our family.  We didn't want the same financial woes that everybody else has; credit card debt and living pay check to pay check, that type of thing.  So we took a chance with John Beck. We were very hesitant at first but we said if we keep doing things the same way will keep living the same way. lets do something different. So we made that phone call.  I'm very glad that we did.  We've had personal counseling and coaching from day one on a weekly basis.  Our coach has answered all our questions that we've had along the way.  He has given us steps and things to do to help us grow our business through real estate investing.  I'm excited to say that we've purchased our very first property over the weekend. Today is Monday. We purchased it; I think it closed on Thursday of last week; Neverthe less we purchased 10 acres in Texas for $1,300 dollars. We couldn't believe it ourselves.  We've heard that acreage was cheap but never did think it would be available to people like us, normal everyday people.  Were very excited about that and were just going to keep working and working. Our coach has been great, and we're just really excited about it. We haven't really gone out and shared our success news with our friends because we don't want any nay-sayers around us. We prefer to make it happen and then show them the results afterwards. And then even show them how to get a piece of the American dream too. That's our story, we are just very excited, and if it hadn't been for John Beck we wouldn't be where we are now.  

Cherice C. (Virginia)

My husband Darin and I went for about four years looking for a program that would suit us, and we came across John Backs' program. We're thrilled with it. After starting the courses, within a few weeks we were able to buy property for pennies on the dollar. We had found out about Bid for Assets through the program, and after learning about that, within a few days, we had purchased our first property and a few days later we purchased our second property. The one we are most proud of, it is a ten acre property that we purchased for $1600 dollars. What was best for us is that we did all this without leaving our own home.  That was most important because I am going blind and I can't drive, and this is something I can do on my own.

Michelle & Darin M. (Ohio)

The real estate industry has changed tremendously and the wave of the future is already here and it is online real estate sales. 

Stanley Y. (Tennessee)

After working with my coach after about a week and a half, maybe two weeks I went on-line and pretty much located a property that I was interested in. I made a bid for it, and actually won it paying $800 for the property. I took a trip to the property to get more information on it. The property usually sells for about $6,000 to $8,000, which is what they tell me.  I haven't sold it yet but I'm planning on selling it pretty soon. I'm hoping to get that amount out of it.  

Michael G. (Texas)

"Stay at home Mom...huge cash flow!"

I am a stay-at-home mom with a 21 month old daughter and another baby on the way. John's system provided information to do research about property you're interested in.

I purchased 2 properties from the internet. The first one is 5 units in a 4,248 sq. ft. home in Florence, Alabama for a total of $71,500.  I plan to rent it out for $350.00/unit, total rent will be $1750. My monthly payment for this loan is only a few hundred dollars so my cash flow will be at least $1000/month. My second purchase is a build able lot, 5 minutes from the ocean of Shelter Cove, California for a total of $44,110. Two lots on the same street are being sold for $80,000 each.  I am planning to keep this lot for a few years for a much higher profit or built a 2 story house and sell it for even a much higher profit.

Thank you for all your help and guidance,

Irene T (California)

"I'm making $100 per hour at home!"

It has been fun working with you these past weeks. My business is off the ground and I am happy with my progress, although I still have a great deal to learn. Thanks for saying I can call when I need advice.

So Far in just a few weeks I have bought and sold land and made about $3,000. (Less than a total of 30 hours working) $100 per hour ain't too bad, I know I can continue to make several hundred per week with just this the first idea you gave me. As I build I will be getting into larger deals and it will be fun to be making several thousand a week, I can actually see that happening as this becomes my full time job. I am giving up my publishing job after I get the current Magazine put to bed; about 2 weeks I hope. Thank You!

Mary S. (Ohio)






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